The proposals

New proposals from Transport for London and Southwark Council will see Blackfriars Road transformed into a tree-lined boulevard with new cycle lanes, bus lanes and greatly improved facilities for pedestrians.

New buildings along the length of Blackfriars Road are bringing new shops, jobs, homes, cafés and local facilities. Our proposals have been developed within the context of the changing nature of Blackfriars Road.

In 2014, the London Borough of Southwark granted planning permission for our development, made up of five buildings around a central courtyard which will be open to all. Our new mixed-use quarter contains:

  • New flexible workspaces that could accommodate up to 24 small businesses
  • New shops, cafés and restaurants lining the street edges
  • 336 new affordable and market homes
  • Two major new public spaces

Designed by Maccreanor Lavington Architects, each of the buildings is intended to create a traditional street condition with active uses and entrances in order to bring life and vitality to the street frontages at the southern end of Blackfriars Road.

Open spaces and public realm

The new site plan is based on making the development permeable and attractive to pedestrians. The site links the new spaces into the existing web of richly painted small routes and spaces which are such a feature of this part of Southwark.

The new public square will be planted with trees, furnished with seating and enlivened with a specially commissioned water feature and lighting. The square will be managed for permanent public use and access as a local meeting place just away from the busy main road.

Immediately to the north of the main square is a courtyard surrounded by small business units. The space will be open for public use throughout the working day and will have an artisan character with scope for crafts people and small businesses to display their products and exchange ideas in an informal shared space.

At the rear of the site, the buildings step down to the scale of Blazeley House and the new mews street is introduced to further improve pedestrian accessibility between Blackfriars Road and Library Street.

The frontage onto St. George’s Circus

The vacant, overgrown and hoarded plot on the corner of Borough Road and Blackfriars Road will be replaced with an elegant new building with a curved façade completing the missing north-eastern quadrant of St. George’s Circus.

The building will be constructed with fine quality brickwork, including traditional glazed brick detailing. New cafés and restaurants will line the base of the building providing daytime and evening activity and encouraging greater pedestrian use of the historic Circus.

The building will introduce residential units, providing a greater sense of enclosure and repair the Circus quadrant.

The Blackfriars Road elevation

The scheme proposes new buildings that respond to the proposed boulevard scale along Blackfriars Road.

Breaks between the buildings create pedestrian routes into and through the site, providing access to homes, the public squares and into Library Street to the rear.

As with the Circus Building, the Blackfriars Road building uses high-quality, traditional bricks and window arrangements to create substantial elevations of enduring design quality that will age gracefully.

The residential tower

Erlang House, the former British Telecom block, will be replaced by a new residential tower. Set further north than the existing building, the new tower releases space at ground level for the new public square, which sits at the heart of the scheme.

In this new position, the tower is set away from St. George’s Circus and on completion will create a gateway into the new Blackfriars Road.

The new tower will accommodate 140 apartments for around 360 residents. At only six apartments per floor the tower is a slender building, rising to an elegant stepped crown with glazed brick finials.